What is SEO? find out the benefits of SEO

By | August 16, 2022

Bufipro – What is SEO? find out the benefits of SEO, “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization is a process that is carried out systematically, essentially aiming to increase visitors or traffic.

Not many people understand SEO, sometimes SEO is also used for certain sites if you already understand its meaning.

But unfortunately only a few people have applied SEO ingredients to be applied to website traffic.

Some of the tricks that you can apply for SEO optimization are as follows:

Do Proper Keyword Research.
Write SEO-friendly Content.
Include Focus Keywords in All Content Sections.
Use Structured Headings.
Add Internal Links in Content.
Enter a Trusted External Link.
Take Advantage of Video Content.
There are several types of SEO that you can understand, the advantages of having SEO are useful for organic search tricks and positioning.

There are 3 types of SEO including on-page SEO (on the page), Technical SEO (technical), and off page SEO (outside the page).

After you learn SEO, there are also no less important, namely PLUGIN. A PLUGIN is a specific software code that prompts an application or program to run additional features in the application or program to beautify the site.

If you are interested in an explanation about SEO, it would be nice if you read the previous admin article. because a more complete explanation of SEO is there.


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