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By | April 24, 2022

Bufipro.comVideo Portal Zacarias Menina Leva Tiro Na Cabeça -A 5-year-old child was killed by a gunshot wound. The incident occurred in the late afternoon of Wednesday, 15th, in a stilted zone, in the lowland of Ambrósio, in the Port area of ​​Santana – 17 kilometers from Macapa.

A footage captured by a home’s security cameras reveals the precise moment Ana Jlia was shot in the head.

When the gunman appears behind a pole and fires, the girl goes peacefully down the catwalk, munching a goodie. In the sequence, both popular and the little one’s parents are impatient to witness the same tumble to the earth.

She is even rescued and driven in a private automobile to the Emergency Department of that municipality, where she is promptly sent to the ICU. The girl, on the other hand, was unable to resist.

The inquiry was launched by military police officers from the 4th battalion in an attempt to find and apprehend the perpetrators. He has not been found as of this writing.

A female portal zacarias gets shot in the head by an enemy group

Aparecida Silva, 55, is shot during a riot in Quirinópolis, southwest Goiás, as seen on security camera video. She died while protecting her son from an altercation with a neighbor, according to the Military Police (watch above).

The crime occurred last Saturday (26) and the photos show the 42-year-old suspect throwing a can of beer in Aparecida, after which her son stabs the guy. The neighbor then pulls out a gun, shoots the youngster, and then shoots the victim in the face. The culprit departs the site of the crime.

Camila Vieira, the case delegate, claimed that the suspect spontaneously presented himself to police last Monday (28). The suspects will be released while the police investigation is completed, and additional witnesses in the case will be heard.

According to the delegate, the victim’s son was not charged during the incident, but will face charges for attempted murder.

zacarias drica portal do po

On Sunday night (27), a 26-year-old lady was shot dead in a pub in Terra Roxa, 80 kilometers from Ribeiro Preto.

According to the PM (Military Police), Marcela Garcia Miranda was wounded by at least four bullets, including one to the head, and died on the scene at Alameda Luiz Xavier Ferreira, which was hosting a carnival celebration.

Witnesses identified the woman’s ex-boyfriend as the prime suspect in the crime, and he was discovered dead seconds afterwards. Fernando Luis Jeronimo, 44, was found dead inside a vehicle on Dr. Oswaldo Prudente Corrêa, where he reportedly shot himself in the head.

According to the PM, the victim’s companion, who accompanied her to the bar, stated that Marcela was being threatened by her ex-boyfriend and that she worried for her bodily integrity.

According to the witness, the “guy arrived in the center of the gathering and fired four rounds at the victim.”

The silver-colored Fiat Tipo car in which the guy was discovered dead was the identical vehicle utilized to flee the murder scene.

A 38 caliber revolver was discovered on the car floor, along with an exploded and four additional intact capsules, as well as four more expended and one intact capsule found in one of the car seats.

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