The technique of Ninja to get the click Through Rate In Google Ads You

By | July 12, 2021

The technique of Ninja to get the click Through Rate In Google Ads You – One of the biggest factors make or break in generating money on the TTS is how many people you can click on your ad! That’s why I want to show you how to get the Click through rate so that you can get a number of great traffic from the word of ads!

Secret 1:

You should only bid on buyer keywords. It is very important and most people don’t understand and get it wrong. You just have to bid on keywords that people use to buy from & not just research.

This is very important because if You apply the research on related keywords, Your click through rate will be much lower cause the clicker is not motivated. People who type with keywords related to “buy” something in your base more motivated and will click on your ad is.

Read olso :

Secret 2:

You should have the keywords in Your title. This sounds simple but it is a fact. You should have the exact keyword they are looking for in the title of Your news if You want people to click on Your ads more.

I have proven this time and time again in my market! If Your keyword phrase is long, then get as close as to what they are looking for you can. But if they see the keyword on the headline they will be more motivated to click on your ad.

So to recap-stop bidding on keywords that are just kind of the research of people who click on it and start using Your keywords in the ad title. Do this and You should see more traffic coming Your way!

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