Tests on twitter dislike button but there are still some constraints

By | July 22, 2021

Bufipro.com – The latest news of twitter social media where the media is trying or doing a trial on twitter dislike button that maybe some of you already know on Youtube. But nevertheless, bang al will explain it back through the explanation in the article that wrote this.

The Website of the micro-blogging revealed that iOS users at this time will see the option to upvote and downvote through his new look on social media twitter. However, in explanation, said that the downvotes will not appear publicly.

Who can know the tumblr post plus the only active user of twitter who already publish settled according to the information from the source of the bang al get there.

Twitter dislike button

Twitter dislike button
Twitter dislike button

Alerts from indiatoday, Head of Product for Twitter Kavyon Beykpour has said in the past year that Twitter may be launched (twitter dislike button). And the app has been started testing the feature.

Then twitter will come through tweets posted from the grip of their official. “Some of the iOS you may see different options to raise or lower the sound in reply. We test to understand the type of reply that you think is relevant in the conversation,

so that we can find a way to show more replies. Downvotes you won’t be public, while the upvotes you will be shown as like” In the post remarked on.

Tumblr post plus Twitter

Important to diperhartikan that tumblr post plus (downvotes) only a limited response to the tweet, not the original tweet. Twitter has been noted that the downvotes can only be known by the person who posted the tweet and the sound will not change the order of the replies as happens in other platforms including Quora and Reddit.

Twitter also said that the features of twitter dislike button is a feature that is being tested for a study date, Twitter has yet to complete its release. Twitter has clarified that this is not the dislike button.

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That glimpse of the information that bang al have to say about the twitter dislike button that we think that it is still not perfect or is in a trial period before being ready for release and appears in the main page of the social media twitter.

The End Of The Article

Thus the title of the article can Bang Al have to say about the Tests on twitter dislike button but there are still some constraints. I hope this explanation can answer all the questions you want to get the answer about this.

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