Ricky Martin Y Su Sobrino

By | July 3, 2022

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Sobrino De Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin was sued by his former manager, Rebecca Drucker, for $3 million dollars. Be
he claims that he was not paid for allegedly saving and reviving his music career. “This complaint only.

touch the surface. Rebecca looks forward to having her day in Court and processing her claims in front of a jury”, Drucker’s lead attorney said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

Meanwhile, an information jumps out that he was sued by an ex-lover, for domestic violence. The
the complainant would be his nephew. He’s 20 years old. In his complaint he says that he had a relationship with him of 7 months.

Ricky Martin Orden De Proteccion

The renowned Puerto Rican artist is in the eye of the hurricane after it was revealed that he had been denounced by one of his nephews for alleged harassment and violence.

Yesterday, the Puerto Rican Police confirmed that they are in the process of filing a protection order against the iconic Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, for a complaint of alleged domestic violence against one of his nephews.

The complaint was filed under the protection of Law 54, which protects victims of domestic violence, in that country.

Although the details of the complaint are not clear, nor has information been provided about the alleged case of domestic violence, various media have made it clear that the complainant is allegedly a nephew of the singer, who would be 20 years old, and who maintained a consensual relationship with the artist for 7 months.

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