Monetize Your Blog With Google Ads

By | July 12, 2021

Monetize Your Blog With Google Ads – Plugin Google AdSense is one way to make your blog.

One of the most popular plugins for monetization is frankincense right now. When you install and activate the AdSense now on WordPress, script Google Ad already in the plug-in, so that makes installation quick and easy.

The only configuration required is to replace the number publisher raw with a number of publishers private Google Your own.

(Note: failure to replace the number publisher raw with Your own number, it allows anyone who holds the raw number to be paid for all clicks on Your ads.) In addition, this plugin will allow You to place Google ads in Your posts.

Before using the plugin AdSense now, You need to have your Google AdSense account is active with a number of publishers on Your own. Visit Google’s site for more information on how to get the account.

Put your ad at your post easily. By going to the control panel, you place your ad in the left, middle or right on your post.

According to the Google terms of service, You are limited to having three ad blocks at any one time in the yard, thus, You are able to suppress ads with the add mark in the Radio button ‘press’.

Similarly, You can press ad block on the following page: attachments page, Front page, Front Page, Category Page, Tag page and Archive pages. After the plugin is activated, it may take a few minutes for Google Ads-Mu to appear in your post.

Like most plugins are free, ADSE now allows You to make a donation to the author or creator as a way of thanking them for making the plugin.

Assured that the new plugin will be constantly made to give appropriate acknowledgment of the author, and the incentive to write new ones. It is also considered good manners to make a donation nominal to assist them in their efforts.

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