Marketing strategy For Google+ You Need to know

By | June 26, 2021

Marketing strategy For Google+ You Need to know – Google+ (or G+) has been fairly late to join the Party of social media marketing, so many small business owners still view it with suspicion – should they or should they not get involved with it?

Is it worth spending extra time on social media marketing, with adding another tool to manage? According to a report from social media 2014, while 54% of marketers Use Google+, 65% want to learn more about it and 61% plan to increase Google+ activities in the year 2014.

But Google+ is not just a social media site that works as a glue of social connecting the internet together. Read on to find out whether it’s worth Your while in marketing!

In February 2014, G+ ‘ve 359 million active users, active users occupy 65% of the results of the search business/personal, it is connected to Gmail, which also has more than 4 million users, is also connected to YouTube, which has 800 million visitors per month, and Google offers more than 1 million Android.

Google+ is integrated into all of the products and Google applications: Google Search, Gmail, Google Apps, YouTube, Android, Google Play Store, Google Translate, Google Drive, Analytics, Adfords, map, place, Tooling Webmaster, Google News, Images, and many more.

If You are using Google tools for Your business, in fact quite difficult to avoid making a Google+ Profile in the process for the identity of Your users.

But as we all know, have a profile on social media and actually use it effectively for marketing-are two different things. And what’s more, with Google+, You not only can have a personal profile, but a business Page also-a bit like Facebook.

So let’s see why and how You can use Google+ as part of the digital marketing strategy You.

Google+ benefits to business marketing

There is a G+ community thrive – with more and more users are rising. But at this moment it is not busy or difficult to promote Facebook (especially with their new algorithm).

It has a clean interface and user-friendly, this media (images and videos) are friendly, so Your content can be made visual and more prominent.

Google Products/Service integration-You can access everything with a Google+ Account Your single.

By changing the rules of SEO-profile, posts and community indexed and can be searched, so Your activities on Google+ has a direct impact on Your SEO results.

Google rates Your posts based on the interaction they receive. This can come in 4 different ways.:

  • +1 ‘ ing a post (similar to a Facebook like)
  • Commenting on the post
  • Re-share the post
  • Add someone to a circle (the circle is similar to Twitter lists, You can create as many as You like and organize Your contacts in a way that will help You engage and interact more effectively).

More interaction = more trust = search rank higher for that interaction. If You’re new to Google+ and Not sure how to get started, and what is the meaning of all the different menu option.

Marketing Strategy Google+

1. Improve the SEO results of Your local

Google+ Local page are replacing local business listings old Google, so You need to claim both the old profile and the new to Your business and combine them together.

Add all the necessary information that Your customers will be interested in: how to contact you, Address, hours of opening, verify Your site, add other social media, Add images to showcase Your products and services, service description, including key terms search and keywords.

Link from Your website to Your local page and Your personal profile (as the author – see more below).

2. Connect Your Google+ Profile to Your blog

Confirm that You are the author of your blog in the eyes of Google and connect both of them together. This will get Your photos and the G+ link appears in the search results from your blog.

If You have a WordPress blog You can easily connect them using one of the plugins (like SEO by Yoast) or via the Settings of Your Theme. More information about how Google Authorship work can be found here.

4. Integrate Google+ into Your website

Make sure You have a list of the local and the Profile is added to the site and Your site is verified with all the Google services You will use (including YouTube).

Add a badge or button G+ profile to your website and show a +1 option for posts and pages. This way Google+ users can share the content with their followers to you. More interaction for the link = more trust SEO.

5. Use the Hangout on air to connect and build Your brand

With the update and improved, You can connect with Your customers, promote your products and services, run webinars and team meetings – all for free. And You can then share the video automatically to YouTube increase Your reach even further.

You can offer people the knowledge, the insights, solutions or exclusive access to content and they will sign up for Your hangouts, grow Your Google+ circles and expand Your influence.

Schedule regular Webcam is a good platform for the launch of the products announced, discounts, events, promotions, sales, etc.

5. Network effectively with the followers of the right use of the circle

The circle is a nice tool to set up the connection and Your followers on Google+. Circle helps you segment Your connection to the list of flowers or a list of pipeline and then share the content only relevant to a certain circle.

You can also see what only those in the circle of a certain Share, making it easier to comment and engage with their content back. You may find that you will engage with some of Your circles more often than the other based on the users in it.

To find the people worth connecting with You can use the Google Search function and Ripples.

6. Share content that is interesting and fascinating

As in the marketing channel, you want to share content that is relevant, interesting and timely to your followers. Although You can’t share a post in Google+, You can use a third-party tool such as buffer or HootSuite to schedule Your update first.

When posting update You can mark other users, use the hashtag (this is similar to Twitter again). Visual content is usually more interesting than the text only, but test different options to find out what really works for your audience.

You can even post a mini-blog on there, like not such as Twitter or Facebook, there is no limit character to Your post.

7. Engage and interact with Your Audience

To develop the community and obtain instructions for a new business, it is not enough to just post and post content about Your brand. You need to connect and interact with Your followers – just like You would on other social media channels.

You can do this in several ways: call the other people in posts (for example if You want to give it a credit or connect a case study on their business); charge on each comment you received in the post-Your post; use circles in a circle and cursor of the contents of Your comments, share and +1 their posts; continue and focus on the “what’s trick” in the top and You can join with You.

join the business community that are relevant and hang out and engage with users of another target in there.

Finally, don’t forget to measure Your success by comparing Your results to Your marketing goals. You can track some of it with only Google Analytics, and for more information about the efforts of Google+, You can use a third-party site like all statistics plus I just measured, Calculate the circle and the Google Business Insight for your business Page.

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