Imran Khan Twitter Space On Twitter And Instagram

By | April 21, 2022

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Imran Khan Twitter Space On Twitter And Instagram

Twitter Spaces are audio-only chat rooms on the microblogging platform that allow users to organize online discussions and invite their followers to join in and listen.

Spaces has shown to be incredibly useful for people that listen over the past year, as they obtain insights on issues they care about from experts and leaders in the industry.

Spaces enables producers to organize dialogues in order to magnify their material and engage an audience beyond the photographs or films that they could previously post.

Twitter has now included Spaces recording as a tool for users to capture conversations even after a space has finished.

Recording Spaces also guarantees that listeners don’t miss anything – whether it’s tech news or material from their favorite authors in other categories – if they join a discussion later on.

Listeners may tune in to their favorite creator’s or influencer’s Spaces whenever it is most convenient for them. To play back the recorded Spaces, the new functionality adds a new “Play Recording” button to any Spaces Card in the timeline.

Spaces that have been recorded are available for public playback for 30 days after the Space has ended. In this step-by-step explanation, we’ll look at how to record and access recorded Twitter Spaces:

  • When creating a Twitter Space, users must select the ‘Record Space’ option. A logo will display at the top of the screen when recording to signify that the Space is being recorded.
  • In a Spaces recording, only individuals having speaker privileges will be recorded.
  • When the recorded Space is finished, the Host will receive a link to share the Space recording through Twitter.
  • Prior to sharing it, hosts will be able to choose where it begins using a ‘Edit Start Time’ option, allowing them to eliminate any dead air time that may arise at the start of a Space.
  • To see a Spaces recording, simply click the ‘Play Recording’ button on any Spaces Card in your timeline.
  • Hosts will be able to download the Space in their Data download’s ‘data’ folder.
  • At any moment, they can also ‘Delete Recording’ of recorded Spaces.

Twitter claims that its policies and standards apply to all Spaces. As with live Spaces, Twitter will keep audio recordings of all recorded Spaces for 30 to 120 days after they expire in order to investigate any breaches of the Twitter Rules.

Spaces reports are assessed by a separate, specialized staff so that the service can take action as soon as possible.

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