How To Multiply Columns Far Apart Using Microsoft Excel Formulas

By | May 21, 2022

Bufi – Here we convey information on how to multiply columns far apart in Microsoft Excel there are still many who do not know it, let’s see the following explanation.

If we multiply the adjoining columns is very easy to do, just enter the basic excel formula as in the following image example :

To find the total value of the price, for example, you must multiply the item price column and the quantity column in the following way :

Formula: = column C4 * column D4 (enter), then the result will automatically appear.

If there is a large number of items that need to be added, this formula will greatly facilitate you in completing the work.

Well there are times when if the multiplication is not side by side as in the picture above.

Well, from the example above, there is a 4% discount, so you have to multiply the amount of goods by the amount of discount that was 4% earlier.

The method is quite easy, you need to use the following formula :

To get the discount value you need to multiply the discount and the total price using the formula $ so as not to error.

Formula dikolom discount pieces: = $D$3 * E5 (enter) then the result will be automatically until the bottom is the same. because you’ve locked it using $.

So this $ sign functions to lock if you are going to multiply columns that are not side by side. Well that’s roughly gambara generally.

How, have you understood ?

If not, please read the previous article about the benefits of $ In Microsoft Excel.

Thank you for reading this article to the end, good luck and do not forget to repeat it often so as not to forget.
Good luck and may be useful.

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