How to Maximize profits and click Your use of Google AdSense

By | June 25, 2021

How to Maximize profits and click Your use of Google AdSense – You’ve probably heard about the program Addse Google before, but do you know exactly what it is and how it works?

Frankincense is quite simply one of the ways of the hottest and easier for us as individuals to make huge amounts of profit through our site, with the minimum of effort.

I know claim this was All over the place, and I’m sure most of you have AdSense ads on web pages you but does not generate a lot of profit from it.

In this article I will explain some of the minor changes that can be made for advertising frankincense that will maximize the rate of the road to your ad.

If You don’t have a big website, in the article then I will show You how to make a royal AdSense online from the beginning at all. But for now let’s concentrate to maximize profits from AdSense ads at this time.

How does Google AdSense work?

Program Google AdSense is an easy way for anyone with a website to generate income extra easy. Every billionaire in this factory have many streams of passive income, the income that you receive without having to work for it.

Google to place adverts on Your website and pay You each time that a few clicks on the links. You don’t need to worry about choosing add large well, Google does it for you!! How?

Google has some of the computers most intelligent in the world which is constantly getting updated. When You enter a search into the system they they they send ‘Googlebots’, a Spider the pages of the net.

For example we search for ‘Free Microsoft Frontpage download’, then’ Googlebots ‘ will trap the net search this keyword specifically.

Google does the exact same thing in Your web page, and like their search results, they will select the most relevant ads to be displayed on Your web page.

Google created with the vision of becoming the best search engine in the world (and to be honest, it really is). 80% of all internet traffic comes from Google so it really is the people to impress (more about their impressive in my free engine optimization article). But how do You make sure You maximize the benefits of Frankincense You?

Well, Google likes quality content rich website that is specific and relevant to its contents. I mean, if You have a web page about the needs of dogs with a banner AD to credit card companies and a lot of information about yourself, then it is not relevant to the content of the web page.

If You have a website that offers a review of the film (for example) then all the advertising and content You should be specifically relevant to the film or of the review.

They will rate You high to do this and also means that the ads ADSE displayed by Google will be completely relevant to Your contents.

Why is this important?

Regardless of Google rewards you with placing You higher in the search engines, it also means that You have a much higher chance to click on the add because they really match with what they are looking for specifically.

If You have a website that has 20 pages and sell CD (again an example), then the page with the 100 CD will contain allot of key words and will ‘confuse’ Googleis As for what to add.

Such as a CD will be a key leading in this site You are more than likely to get a ‘blank CD for only $10’ or some scoped added broad.

This may not seem like a biggie but think of it this way.

If You search the internet for’ Oasis’ new album ‘ on Google then they will display the search results that are most relevant to the key words, the same thing applies with display AdSense. If there are ads displayed exactly the same with what Your prospects are looking for.

Don’t think of this as trying to encourage Your potential customers to other web sites, think of it like this. You will not be able to turn every prospect into a sale, but You can still benefit from all the prospects who decided not to buy from Your site. This way You have a passive income to increase sales for Your front end.

The key to maximizing Your profits through AdSense is to create a separate page for each product/service / review etc. Create the content page such as a specific item you can.

You will generate more revenue by doing this as Google will display Your page further their ratings and if the customer does not buy from You, they will click on one of the additional than go back to Google and look through the same result that can be displayed on Your page.

Google also liked the site has been updated regularly. If You do not have pages created for every single product and then start to do it now. This is not only beneficial to Your Google AdSense revenue but will put You higher in the Google rankings.

Research has been done (not by me before You ask, by the poster institute and other) into the online behavior of Man. This suggests that the upper left corner will get the most attention, and then scan the pages before reading its contents.

We also train ourselves to clear a banner ad in the top, middle and bottom of the web page (such as junk mail).

Advertising sky scraper (vertical) has proven to be much more effective and profitable than advertising the horizontal. Believe it or not Text Ads are more profitable than banners.

One thing that is fundamental in generating maximum profits from the ads in Google AdSense is to make sure that ads are coupled with Your site. If You have a site that has a green theme to it then ad the blue text will stand out.

How to integrate ads your ad?

This is not difficult. When You generate Your AdSense code Google will give you the option to change the color add You. This is a great ‘change pallet’.

Just change the color of the text to one of the most close to the theme of Your site. Now they will not look like the enemy and people are more likely to click on them and the more likely You maximize Your click through rate.

Also make sure there are no ads to You on every page! But Google is serious about attracting more quality content site, so they only allow members of the AdSense to serve one ad per page. This means Better ad banners or text ads.

Don’t try and trick or fool Google. Remember, they are people who you have to impress, they will control most of your third traffic and they will know if you’re trying to deceive them. They have rules and will give you a reward if you stick to the rules it.

So to sum it up

  • Create a separate page for each item
  • Create every page as specific as you can (make, model number, specifications, and so on)
  • Take care of each page between 400-600 words (more on this list in an article later)
  • Share your ad with the theme of the site
  • Put your ad at the top left corner of Your page
  • Just put your text or banner add (I recommend the text ads)
  • Try to use a List of Text Ads. This blend easily and don’t stick out like ad plain text, so you have a greater chance to get a click and get paid.

Thus the explanation in this article, we can convey, hopefully this article can provide benefits for those of you who have read it.

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