Alternative to Google AdSense which pays double what Google AdSense Pay

By | June 26, 2021

Alternative to Google AdSense which pays double what Google AdSense Pay – If You have a website or blog and want to make money online You may have heard about AdSense program.

If You are the site owner is currently using the AdSense programme You must have heard horror stories about Google is suddenly banned the participants AdSense for reasons completely unknown threw a source of income the owner of the site in the toilet without explanation.

Here is how the Google AdSense program work. All advertiser online(site owners) who have a product or service for sale will be more than anything is to be on the first page of Google Search Results.

The problem is there are thousands of owners of the same site who feel the same. So Google decided to take advantage of this.

This makes the program the password that allows site owners to pay on the first page of Google Search Results.

The advertisers pay Google so many cents every time a Google search do a search and click on the advertiser (that appears on the right side of the Google search page) How much they pay is really depends on how many other website owners/advertisers are willing to pay for a search term to have their ads display.

This is called the keyword. The AdSense Program is where the owners of the Other sites are Willing to display Google ads in their website.

Google pays the owner of this site is a part of what looking for on Google. This is the main problem. Google saves the largest part of the money.

If advertisers are paying Google to 50 cents each time a Searcher clicks on the web advertising on the Google ads Google company will pay the owner of the site displays advertising in somewhere around 10-15 cents per click.

It means that Google keep 65-80% of all the money! Is this fair for the advertiser or the owner of the website that displays ads in real estate online?

Alternative to Google AdSense is called “top secret alternative to Google AdSense code”. It works the same as the AdSense program but the people who run it only take a small portion of the money.

So instead of advertisers paying 50 cents per click they pay 35 cents. Instead You get a 15 cents per click You get 30. A winning Formula for both parties involved.

So the line of the bottom for you, the owner of the site or blog that wants to make money from ads using the “Top Secret alternative to Google AdSense” will result in two times the income of which is not more than copy and paste a block of code to Your web.

“Top Secret alternative to Google AdSense Code” equipped with a manual that shows the proper way to do this quickly, easily, and how without the need to worry about being banned suddenly for some reason that could not be described.

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