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Bhojpuri cinema’s famous actress Akshara Singh is once more in the headlines. She has been within the news ever since the MMS video leaked on social media. Shortly after this, another video of Akshara Singh has gone viral on social media. during which the actress is crying.

When investigated, it had been found that the video which is running on social media is fake. No MMS video of Akshara Singh has been leaked.

Earlier, a video was running on social media for the previous couple of days. Which was being told because the private video of Akshara Singh.

Actually, a channel called Moz Music Bhojpuri on YouTube shared the video of the actress saying that Akshara Singh’s MMS video has gone viral. But, when it had been investigated, this video proved to be fake. it’s said that this video is two years old. The video has been made viral by cutting and pasting it.

Akshara Singh’s two-year-old video goes viral on social media. She had raised questions on the Bhojpuri industry about two years ago. Some famous people were also accused of torture. the identical video of Akshara Singh is being misrepresented again. together with this, his fake MMS video is additionally going viral.

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